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Hi there, my name is Donovan. Welcome to my website about automotive tools. I had to build a large collection of tools to work on all of my automobiles. My family drives several different makes and models, which require metric and standard tool sets for their repairs. Furthermore, each vehicle has a set of specialty tools that assist in the removal and installation of vital components. I will use this site to explore each type of tool required for automotive repairs. I invite you to follow along closely to learn what tools you may need to fix your own vehicles. Thanks for visiting.


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What To Do When You Find Yourself In A Towing Emergency

You need to know what to do should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, where you need to have your vehicle towed because it has been damaged in an accident or has experienced a mechanical emergency.

Make Your Car Visible

When your car breaks down or is in an accident, try your best to get your vehicle to the side of the road if at all possible. Once your vehicle is on the side of your road, you are going to need to make sure that your vehicle is visible.

There are various ways that you can make your vehicle visible. You can turn on the emergency lights for your vehicle. You can turn on your driving lights. If you have any emergency flairs, get them out of the trunk of your car, activate them, and put them behind your vehicle near the road so they light up your vehicle. You can also use orange cones or triangles if you have them.

The point is to make sure that other drivers can see your vehicle and take appropriate action to drive safely past your vehicle.

Keep Yourself Safe

Next, you need to make sure that you are safe. If you can't get your vehicle to the side of the road, after you make your vehicle as visible as possible, you may want to get out of your vehicle and go somewhere safe from other vehicles.

If it is snowing outside and your vehicle is stuck in a snow drift, make sure that the exhaust pipe is not covered. If the exhaust pipe is covered, either get out of your vehicle or turn the vehicle off so that you are not overcome by carbon monoxide.

Your vehicle is important, but your safety should be your top concern. Wait somewhere safe for the tow truck

Know Your Vehicle

When you call to get a tow, you need to know your vehicle. You need to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle. The Towing company is going to need that information in order to make sure that they send out the right type of vehicle. If your vehicle has a towing kit added onto it, let the towing company know.

Also, try to give the towing company an idea of the shape that your vehicle is in. Let them know if your vehicle will not start, is overheating, or if it has been severely damaged. The more information you can provide over the phone, the more effectively the towing company will be able to respond when they come out to assist you with your vehicle.

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