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Hi there, my name is Donovan. Welcome to my website about automotive tools. I had to build a large collection of tools to work on all of my automobiles. My family drives several different makes and models, which require metric and standard tool sets for their repairs. Furthermore, each vehicle has a set of specialty tools that assist in the removal and installation of vital components. I will use this site to explore each type of tool required for automotive repairs. I invite you to follow along closely to learn what tools you may need to fix your own vehicles. Thanks for visiting.


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2 Reasons Why Regular Spark Plug Changes Are An Important Part Of You Car's Upkeep

When it comes to keeping your car maintained, you probably know that you need to have the oil changed to keep the engine working properly. However, there is more to keeping the motor running at peak performance than just changing the oil.

The spark plugs of your car's engine also need to be checked and replaced regularly. There are a couple of reasons why you should make sure that this happens whenever you take your car for its regular tuneups and maintenance appointments.

1.  Helps to Keep Your Car's Engine at Its Optimal Power and Fuel Efficiency

One reason why you should have your car's spark plugs checked and changed regularly is that doing so helps to keep the engine at its optimal power level. It also helps to keep the fuel efficiency at its peak numbers for your car's particular make and model.

When the spark plugs get old, the tips that emit the electrical charge and ignite the fuel become corroded and burnt. When this happens, the plugs are no longer able to fire fully or correctly, which can lead to fuel not combusting and being wasted.

And, because the fuel is not fully used, you will notice a decrease in the power of your vehicle. To avoid this, have a professional at a place like Grey Chevrolet Inc check the spark plugs for wear and corrosion to see if they need to be changed.

2.  Helps to Prevent Frequent Misfires That Contribute to the Failure of the Catalytic Converter

Another reason to have the plugs changed when needed is that it will help to prevent catalytic converter failure. Normally, when the engine is firing correctly, the exhaust that passes through the converter is the byproduct of the fuel combustion.

However, if the plugs are misfiring, fuel will mix in with the exhaust smoke. As it passes through the catalytic converter, the fuel and heat from the exhaust will cause rapid deterioration of the honeycomb filters within the converter, causing the exhaust to backflow to the engine and significantly decrease the engine's ability to operate.

When you ensure that your car's spark plugs are changed during its regularly scheduled service calls, it helps to keep your car's performance at its peak while improving its fuel efficiency to help save you money at the gas pump. Having them replaced to prevent misfires can also keep the catalytic converter from failing prematurely. If you cannot remember the last time your car's spark plugs were checked and replaced, make an appointment with a car maintenance service near you.