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5 Truck Sleeper Cab Features Ideal for Movie Lovers

As you drive night after night on the road, there are only so many ways to entertain yourself at various rest stops. If you love to pass the time by watching movies, then there are multiple ways you can enhance this experience. As you shop for a semitruck with a sleeper cab, there are five features to look for that can add comfort and convenience to watching films in your truck. Many sleeper cabs can feature one or more of these options.

Swivel TV Stands

A television can take up a lot of space on a counter or in storage shelf areas. Maximize your TV viewing angle and sizes by purchasing a sleeper cab with wall-mounted swivel TV stands. The stands allow you to position the TV for easy viewing and can be pushed flat against the wall when you're driving or using the sleeper cab for other uses.

Sit comfortably and enjoy movies by facing the television toward the bed, up to a loft, or to the driver seat while you're parked. The swivel feature is great for watching movies in different positions and keeps you from being forced to view movies from a specific angle.

Built-In Appliances

As you travel on the road, you can purchase a semitruck that has built-in appliances. These small appliances are ideal for everyday meals, but they can also be used for a variety of movie snacks. One of the best appliances to look for is a small microwave. This is ideal for cooking up some popcorn to enjoy during the movie. It's easy to stock the truck with bags of microwave popcorn that can be heated within minutes and enjoyed while watching a movie.

A small refrigerator is ideal for storing drinks or candy to consume during a movie (and it comes in handy for other food, too, of course). Keeping candy in the fridge can prevent it from melting or going bad during long days of driving on the road. Keeping the fridge stocked will ensure that you have plenty of snacks for your personal movie nights on the road.

Light-Blocking Features

A lot of trucks feature windows and skylights that can disrupt the movie-viewing experience. Avoid glares and reflections by purchasing a sleeper cab truck with light-blocking features. One of the best ways to block out a majority of the light is with a separator between the sleeper and the front cab. Many trucks can be found with separators built in.

Window light blockers can also be found to stop the light from streaming through windows and skylights. These solid items are similar to the covers used on airplane windows. Not only is blocking out the extra light great for viewing movies, but it's ideal for sleeping during the day or during light hours.

Internet Connections

Along with DVDs and Blu-Rays, a number of movies are accessed through streaming services on the Internet. You can purchase a sleeper cab with Internet connections built into it. Phone lines and LAN lines allow you to connect to an Internet service like satellite Internet. This allows you to view movies on the go through streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Once the Internet connection is made, you can watch movies without buffering and in the highest quality possible.

APU Unit

Watch hours of movies without putting wear on your actual truck engine. An installed auxiliary power unit, or APU, can provide the extra power needed to run televisions, appliances, and Internet connections with your truck off. The device is typically installed on the outside of a sleeper cab and can provide multiple hours of power.

When shopping for trucks, it's important to see what the APU unit operates on. The units can operate on electric power, propane, fuel cells, or diesel gas. Knowing this can help you plan for operating the unit while you're on the road.

By shopping for these specific features through a company like Arrow Truck Sales, you can enjoy multiple movies in optimal conditions while on the road.